Unity: How to track number of days in game

void Awake() {
        if (!GameSettings.hasLaunched)
            GameSettings.hasLaunched = true;
            if (PlayerPrefs.GetString("last_launch", "") == "")
                // first launch
                PlayerPrefs.SetString("last_launch", DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString());
                PlayerPrefs.SetInt("number_of_launch", 1);
                if (PlayerPrefs.GetString("last_launch", "") != DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString())
                    GameSettings.newDay = true;
                    PlayerPrefs.SetInt("number_of_launch", PlayerPrefs.GetInt("number_of_launch") + 1);
                PlayerPrefs.SetString("last_launch", DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString());
if (GameSettings.newDay && PlayerPrefs.GetInt("number_of_launch") > 3)
	GameSettings.newDay = false;
	GameSettings.coins += 10;
	PlayerPrefs.SetInt("coins", GameSettings.coins);
	Snowman.instance.message("+ 10 coin");


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