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Building “Sheikah Slate” from The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild



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Unity: How to track number of days in game

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Gameplay Drop #2

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Android/Unity debug tips : Wireless ADB Debugging


After years of debugging with cable I decided to find another method since I have only one USB-C cable with my phone (Mi-4c).

Here’s how I push my Unity game to my phone, this can be used by any other Android developement platform.

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Gameplay Drop #1

We are currently working on our next game, Drop.

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Nintendo NX fake story

You are maybe not aware of the story but a fake of the next Nintendo console aka “Nintendo NX” appeared on Internet less than a month ago, we will tell you the whole story as we are behind it.

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Save snowman released !

Merry christmas and happy new year !

This year, Santa comes with a new game in his sack, Save snowman.


Available now on Google play, it will be on iOS soon.

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Apocalypse’s update : New multiplayer mode

The new multiplayer mode of Apocalypse is now available.

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Apocalypse released


Our first game is now available on Google Play and App Store

App Store Link
Google Play Link

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